Dane Wheaton


I’m a game designer.

I like designs that foster surprise and discovery, and I like gameplay that edifies. I like pursuing imaginative, original ideas.

I’ve done programming and design in diverse teams ranging between 2 and 45 members.

I specialize in single-player adventure games, bizarre prototypes, and little cinematic details.

My perspective is informed by a pretty rich inventory of life experiences – I grew up in the forests of the American Pacific Northwest, lived in a Seattle commune during high school, and spent several years as a QMED working all over the world in the engine rooms of various seafaring vessels. My favorites were research ships.

I have performed with Shakespeare troupes in public parks, excavated and jacketed a metoposaur clavicle on a paleontology dig in Arizona, made fufu in Pointe-Noire, delivered baby goats in subzero temperatures, participated in labor disputes on behalf of a teachers’ union, and shot documentary footage of civil rights violations in south Chicago. I have played in a steel drum band and I know how to screen print.

Each of these things I have done collaboratively, alongside all kinds of wonderfully interesting people.

I love nature, in all its strange and ambiguous manifestations!

I love books and movies! I love learning!

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