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Healthy Breakfast

My roles: Design, programming.

This game was initially created with my friends Aidan and Joakim over a couple weeks in January 2017, and went on to become, briefly, the most popular game on itch.io!

Download it here.

Healthy Breakfast is a trippy 3D first-person puzzler featuring non-Euclidean geometry, custom shader effects, and a unique aesthetic. I wrote most of the gameplay code (except for the first-person controller, for which we used an off-the-shelf asset package), and designed all of the game’s puzzle sequences and areas except the layout of the phone booth maze and the “observatory” (the room with the giant floating head).


Our design philosophy for this project was, in a nutshell, “Just roll with it.” If we encountered a strange bug or an unexpected design consequence, our first question was not, “How do we fix this?” but rather, “How could we use this?” We figured an opportunity to create something in such a whimsical spirit wouldn’t come along very often.

We didn’t want to overwhelm the player (at least not too much) with jokes and visual tricks and whatnot all at once, so I strove to guide the player gently through the game’s mechanics in an order that would allow them to figure out the rules of this new, bizarre universe painlessly while still surprising them at every turn (in some cases, literally at every turn).

We finished the game in ten days, but we had so much fun building it that we decided to add a few sections and polish some elements during our spare time over the following summer. We took the opportunity to expand on sections we noticed playtesters were most interested in exploring, adding hidden content and optional sequences/mechanics.

You can download it here.

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